5 Hacks to Live a Fuller Life

Updated: May 16

"You can’t go back to change your past but you can certainly act today to craft your future”

Do you want to be happy?

Do you want to live a fuller life?

Do you want to be at your best every time?

You might be thinking, why am I asking such obvious questions?

Who doesn’t want to be happy, live a fuller life, and be the best?

Yes, I know that the answer to all these questions would be a BIG YES but still, I am asking these questions because of 2 reasons:

1.It’s not often, that we engage in conscious self-talk, where we ask such questions to ourselves. Since we don’t ask, most of us don’t get the answers. Subconsciously we all have these questions running into our mind in a loop, but then these are among the hundreds or maybe thousands of other similar questions running through our mind every single day. Therefore, it’s imperative to ask.

2.The second reason, why I asked these questions is pretty simple. As the title of this post may suggest, since I intend to share my views on the topic, hence I need to seek your permission before starting off. It’s a way to reconfirm that you as a reader are indeed interested in the subject and looking for some solutions, which I may have to offer.

Now that I have a yes from your end, which I consider as implicit permission to go ahead, let’s move on and look at some of the most practical hacks or tips to live a fuller and happier life.

Since you are going to spend your precious time reading this post, I would therefore like you to maximize the value for your time invested. Before moving forward, I just have 3 requests:

1.Read it with an open mind

2.Once read, apply the learning.

3.Read till the end, to claim your FREE GIFTS.

Thanks for acknowledging my requests, let’s begin.

Hack#1 Self-Awareness

We are living in the information age, where the entire world is at our fingertips. We consistently seek out what is happening around us and across the globe. How such a plethora of news is actually relevant to us is another matter but the fact remains we want to be aware of anything and everything happening around us. In such a scenario, it's really ironic that how little we know about our self. Most of the people I see, meet, or know have a lack of self-awareness, which is the root cause of discontent and dissatisfaction. There is no clarity as to,

  • What forms our core?

  • What drives us?

  • What motivates us?

  • What gets us going?

  • Why do we feel the way we do?

Lack of awareness leads to a situation where we keep blaming others for our failures. We blame people, events, circumstances, for that matter anything and everything under the sun but self.

The external focus doesn’t do any good to us but raises the frustration level. We have limited control over the external environment so why waste our time and energy on something which is not going to give us the desired results. Why not focus on self, be more self-aware and see how can we acquire the missing life skills and enhance our coping abilities.

Cut the distractions, have more of me time and be more aware of your inner self. Once you do that you will get to know your foundation and answers to the questions stated above.

Hack#2 Change your Self-Talk

Self-talk is the conversation we have with our inner-self. This leads to the formation of our thoughts, which convert into beliefs, get embedded in our brain, and guide our actions. On most occasions we engage in negative self-talk, telling ourselves:

  • Why we can’t do something

  • What is not good about a situation

  • We are not good enough