How to become a Certified Mortgage Professional

Updated: Jan 4

In the current scenario, a majority of the youngsters are struggling to find a job and start earning.The COVID-19 crisis has further compounded the problems and finding a job has become even more difficult.However, all is not gloomy and there is a silver lining. Researches suggest that in post covid-19 era, the demand for specialized skills has gone up and organizations prefer hiring candidates who have the requisite skill set.

Owing to the pressure on bottom lines (read profit), the frequency of inhouse corporate trainings for the new joinees and upskilling the existing employees, has gone down. Most of the organizations are trying to make up for the lost time(Recall the 2 month lockdown?) and economic slowdown .They are looking for employees who have the right skill set and adequate product knowledge, so that they can start contributing from the word go.

Do you know that approximately 6 lakh employees are required every year in the housing finance sector in INDIA.Even in current environment, the recruitment is happening and organizations(read banks & housing finance companies) are pro-actively looking for skilled manpower, having adequate knowledge on the subject of housing finance/Mortgages.

Have you ever thought, despite so many job opportunities, why are you not getting the job ?

The answer is not having the right skill set which is required by banks and housing finance companies.

With this background, its needless to say that it would be a real blessing to get an opportunity to learn and acquire, end to end knowledge & expertise on the business of housing finance backed by certification from the experts, who have been pioneers in the corporate training programmes, have a credibility of more than 2 decades and industry wide reputation.

So here is your opportunity to multiply your chances of getting job in banking and finance sector. Upskill yourself by Gaining knowledge, Get certified and Start Earning from the word GO…Let me introduce you to the most remarkable learning course in housing finance industry-Certified Mortgage Professional.The course provides opportunity to learn all the essentials of housing finance, become a Certified Mortgage Professional and boost your career in the booming Housing Finance Industry.

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Certified Mortgage Professional Programme(CMP)

It is the first online mortgage certification programme in India, which is aimed at providing specialized skills required to function in the Indian mortgage(housing finance) industry.

Who is it for ?

  1. Graduates & undergraduates, who are looking for job and want to pursue their career in housing finance industry.

  2. Professionals who want to boost their career and move to next level.

  3. New joinees in banks and housing finance companies

  4. Employees already working in the housing finance sector, seeking to upskill them selves and/or bridge the knowledge gaps.

  5. Employees who are working in one vertical of the bank and housing finance company but lack the knowledge about other functions.For example a credit officer who wants to learn about the technical/legal and vice-versa.

  6. Entrepreneurs who are either already associated or want to be associated with housing finance sector, as business sourcing agents(DSA/Connectors/Builders),legal agency, technical agency, collection agents, Field investigation agents, RCU agencies, builders etc.

  7. Customers & Consumers who want to have a detailed knowledge about the home loan process and how it works.

What you Get ?

You get a bundle of 21 courses in 1. Yes, you read it right.The Certified Mortgage Professional programme, provides end to end knowledge and in depth information about all aspects of housing finance (home loans & loan against property) in 21 learning modules on a digital learning platform, which you can complete at your own pace. The course content and learning modules can be accessed on our website and also via mobile app, which gives you freedom to learn ANYTIME & ANYWHERE..

Learning Modules

  1. Introduction to Housing Finance

  2. Introduction to Legal Appraisal

  3. Introduction to Technical Appraisal

  4. Introduction to Collections in Housing Finance

  5. Salaried - Documentation for KYC and Income Validation

  6. SEP - Documentation for KYC and Income Validation

  7. SENP - Documentation for KYC and Income Validation

  8. Concept of Products

  9. Mortgage Product Concept

  10. Plot based Finance- Only plot & Plot Plus Construction

  11. Home Loan - New & Resale

  12. Home Extension

  13. Home Improvement

  14. Balance Transfer and Balance Transfer Plus Top-up

  15. Top-up

  16. Loan Against Property (LAP)

  17. Non-Residential Premises (NRP)

  18. Lease Rental Discounting (LRD)

  19. Art of Filling an Application Form

  20. Basics of Credit Bureau report

  21. POSH

What you will learn ?

a. Understand the history & working of the housing finance sector

b. Comprehensive overview of mortgage products

c. The inherent features of financial product in terms of risk involved

d. Industry practice and processes (start from filling an application to loan disbursement)

e. Get certification as Certified Mortgage Professional on completion of programme.

What's the Course Fee ?

Course Fee : Rs 35,899.00

Any Discounts ?

Introductory offer : 72% off

Discounted Course Fee : Rs 9999.00

Any Additional Discounts ?

Festival discount :25%(USE PROMOCODE-LHV252020)

Final Amount payable :Rs 7499.25

How to buy it ?

Step 1: Click on

Step 2: Click on Buy Bundle

Step 3: Signup to create your ID

Step 4: Enter the PROMOCODE-LHV252020

Step 5: Complete the payment

Step 6:You will receive the Login ID and Password on mail

Step 7 :Login on the website or download the app and start the learning journey

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